MRI machines of 1.5T or higher are required in order for SatPads™ to be effective.

Due to faster auto-tuning, SatPads™ allow the image to be acquired faster. We estimate the time savings to be 3 to 6 sequences a day. At 10 minutes per sequence or 60 minutes a day, your MRI machine is freed up for another 5 hours of use per week – that’s time that can be used for additional patient scans.

SatPads™ offers a 2 year unconditional warranty. 

You can download the Perflubron MSDS sheet here: Perflubron MSDS.

Dielectric pads are no longer available due to the fact that there is no 501k for these products.  Beware of any device claiming to be a dielectric pad.  Make sure all your pads – including positioning pads – are registered with the FDA like all SatPads™SatPads™ are clinically proven to provide a better image than unlicensed & illegal dielectric pads which only marginally clear up fat suppression sequences.

SatPads™ are handmade, and each undergo rigorous strength testing. Our seals are rated for 20 lbs., but easily surpass 100 lbs.  Each pad is carefully crafted with high grade 11mm – 15mm polyether film commonly used in the medical device industry.  They are topped with Velcro® Veltex®, a high quality high strength hook & look fabric giving the Radiologist & MRI tech unlimited adjustability for patient anatomy.

Generally, whatever the number of channels, SatPads™ deliver a better-defined image – the more channels, the better.  Using SatPads™ is like going from standard definition to high definition in the radiological world.

Yes, we do make custom SatPads™ for your applications.  Please contact Sales for assistance.

SatPads™ have no expiration date, but with normal wear and tear, you can expect 10 years of life for the pads.

SatPads™ are filled with Perflubron; it’s safe and non-toxic. SatPads™ are heat sealed to a very high tensile strength. In unlikely event there is an issue, place the SatPad™ in a water-tight plastic bag (or the bag they came in), place in their shipping box, and return to us (please contact us before sending any pads back).  We will repair and refill the pad(s) basis how much liquid is left – there is a repair fee and is based on the condition of the pad and the amount of remaining fluid when you send it back. For more information about the liquid in the pads, see the MSDS sheet under “Where can I find more information about Perflubron?” above in the FAQ.

SatPad™ operates under a 510K number. Our FDA Registration # is:  3015259844, Owner Operator Number is:  10059303.

It’s our promise to deliver you the best quality product – if you are dissatisfied with our product in any way, you can return it for a full refund. Sat Pad, Inc. will refund your money for the full amount you paid if the product is returned within 60 days of purchase. We will credit your credit card or if you paid with a check or wire, we will mail you a check or wire back the money – no questions asked – our promise.